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A lot has happened at Cambridge Heat Treating since the family-run company was established in 1982 in a small industrial unit.

It all started with one open-hearth box furnace, one tempering furnace, one gas-fired salt pot
and pack carburizing supplies. Five years later, Cambridge not only built and moved into its first building, the company added multiple pieces of equipment and switched to nitrogen/methanol atmosphere control with oxygen probe controls.

Then, in the early 1990s, a pit carburizer was installed along with an oil quench. Vacuum heat- treating equipment and a car-bottom furnace were also installed along with blasting and painting facilities. Cambridge expanded further in the late 1990s when it installed a pit nitriding system and a plasma nitrider.

Things got interesting in 1998 when Cambridge purchased Preston Heat Treating.
It didn’t take long before 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space was added to the Preston Heat Treating location. In this new space, a ninth vacuum furnace was put in. During the early 2000s, Cambridge installed a large batch furnace

line (totaling seven batch furnaces) and two large car-bottom furnaces. This was in addition to its existing 40-foot car-bottom furnace. The heat treater also increased its lifting capacity to 60 metric tons.

In 2008, the two separate business entities
of Preston Heat Treating and Cambridge Heat Treating merged to create one larger corporation in a single facility. At this time, the MTI member installed a plasma nitriding system and a coating system. The blasting and painting facilities were enlarged to include three large blast rooms and a large, expandable paint booth.

Today, 35 years after it opened its doors for the first time, Cambridge resides in a 30,000-square- foot facility on six acres of prime industrial land in Cambridge, Ontario. The facility is within close proximity to Highway 401, a major thoroughfare in southwestern Ontario that allows the company to assist customers across the province.

With 14 employees, Cambridge primarily serves the mining, agriculture and heavy- equipment industries. It provides a wide
variety of processes, including vacuum heat treatment, carburizing, hardening, tempering, annealing, stress relieving, normalizing, gas and plasma nitriding, carbonitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing. Capabilities include: 10-bar vacuum quench; plasma nitriding up to 8 feet in length and 10,000 pounds; gas nitriding up to

8 feet in length and 5,000 pounds; and 50,000 pounds per day for carburizing.

Cambridge is dedicated to its customer’s needs. As such, it continues to improve its operations. The company recently installed a zero-flow gas nitriding system and a gas-fired vacuum temper system. Just this year Cambridge increased its nitrogen storage and is currently in the process of upgrading its laboratory.

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