Heat Treating

Hardening Heat TreatingHardening

In an atmosphere-controlled environment, machinery steels, oil hardening tool steels, and castings. Parts are tempered to requirements after hardening.

Our batchhardening line consists of seven batch furnaces with companion equipment.


Gas and ion nitriding services are available to enhance surface wear of treated materials

Heat Treating

Vacuum Treating

With three vacuum furnaces, we handle requirements for tool steel and stainless steel parts up to 78 inches long. Selective quench pressures of .85 bar through to 10 bar are available

Case Hardening, Carbo-Nitriding,
Carburizing & Hardening

Case depths can be up to 3/16-in. With tight tolerances on case depth and carbon percent parts can be selectively carburized. Capacities are up to 50-in diameter or up to 72 inches long.